It all began....

...In the mid 70s when Rhonda Brown walked in to an Italian Restaurant in Westminster, CO. The restaurant was short handed that evening, and at the age of fourteen Rhonda was invited to hand over the pizza she was picking up and trade it for an apron. It wasn't long before she realized her passion; serving wonderful food and taking the best care of every customer she came in contact with. 

At twenty years old Rhonda borrowed money from her grandparents to purchase and become the managing partner of her first restaurant in Boulder, CO.  Then came Jake...

Yes, he was born to be a chef.  By the time he was two he would sit on the kitchen counter insisting on helping Rhonda measure ingredients and prepare meals.  When he wasn't on the counters, he was in them playing with and making sure to remove every single baking dish, pan or bowl he could get his hands on!

Fast forward twenty five years and trying to decide what was next, Rhonda and Jake teamed up to open a restaurant and catering company, Within two months of opening their doors they had lines of people waiting for over an hour to grab a seat and enjoy Jake's amazing food. 

In June of 2017 Rhonda and Jake decided it was time to focus on catering and close the restaurant.  With their roots in Colorado they relocated the business and are now serving the greater Denver area from their commercial kitchen located in the Orchard Town Center! 

Apple Junction Catering

14694 Orchard Parkway #700
Westminster, CO  80023
(303) 552-7866